5 reasons to get yourself a cargo bike 

It’s environmentally friendly

We all feel the weight of climate change on our shoulders. But at the same time it can feel impossible to do something about it. But everything counts in the name of saving our planet. Recycling, traveling by train and not taking the car to work all make a difference. An easy and sustainable way to get around in your daily life is by cargo bike. A single cargo bike replacing a diesel transporter can save 5 tons of carbon emissions per year. Not only are cargo bikes green to use, they only take 5% of the materials and energy of a car to make. Both good reasons to consider switching from car to bike. 

It’s affordable 

Even though buying a cargo bike is an investment, it’s much cheaper than buying and maintaining a car. While you might have to save for a little while if you want to buy a cargo bike, you will never have to worry the same way as with a car when it comes to maintaining it because the cargo bike itself has a low operational and maintenance costs with minimal insurance and tax. In Europe, the transportation cost of a family can reach an average of 13% of the household income, something that will be drastically reduced if a cargo bike becomes the family's main transportation option. 

It’s good for you 

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But eating all your fruits and veggies there is isn’t the only way to keep the doctor at bay. Getting exercise to be a part of your daily routine is just as important if you want to live a long and healthy life. And lucky for you the life expectancy of people who regularly cycle increases by up to 14 months. In Copenhagen, where the amount traveled by bike increased by 60 million kilometers from 2012 to 2016, residents took 50,000 less sick days overall and saved the national healthcare system 215 million euros

It’s easy to get around 

More and more car owners in more and more countries are facing increasing taxes, emissions fines, and automobile bans which put together makes being a car-owner a pain. Luckily none of those things are true for cargo bikes owners. There are no gas that needs to be tankend, no parking fines that need to be paid and no signs saying that this street isn’t for you when you ride a cargo bike. Instead you get a safe and more convenient form of transportation for your family and children where school pick-up and drop-offs can be done without worrying about being stuck in traffic. And with the ability to carry up to four young children a cargo bikes make for an incredible useful and efficient means of transportation.

It frees up more time 

We all know the struggle of sitting in a car that isn’t going anywhere or the frustration that can occur when you’ve driven around the block for 16th time trying to find a parking spot.   But did you know that getting rid of your car will save you about a working week’s worth of time every year? Well, it does. If you switch out your car with a cargo bike you will not only be able to ride as fast as the average car during rush hour, you won’t have to spend 15 minutes trying to find a parking spot when you finally get home either, which is what every car-driving Londoner does every day.