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“Imagine being stuck in traffic . That would be a nightmare!”

In the meatpacking district of Copenhagen you can find plenty of places that will quench your thirst and feed your hunger. But only one that will properly satisfy your sweet tooth. Kødbyens Is one of the only organic ice lolly makers in Denmark, and are located in the heart of the meatpacking district, right across from Butchers & Bicycles. Something that make securing a bike for ice lolly deliveries even faster.

“I had a Bullitt to begin with, but it just wasn’t flexible enough. So I went over to talk to you guys, and asked if I could try out the bike to see if it would work for deliveries. And it worked wonders”, Karsten Christoffersen, co-owner of Kødbyens Is.

​Karsten Christoffersen who together with his business partner Mikael Danvad Kristensen started Kødbyens Is with a belief that the right ingredients and care for the environment can make an ice cream hater into an ice cream lover, runs the entire business with a deep focus on making the world a greener place. 

“Here the love for fresh and organic ingredients that aren’t tainted by any artificial things is the most important thing. And right after that it’s all about green living and green working, if you can put it like that. We deliver all of our ice creams to all of our dealers in the greater Copenhagen area by bike. And that bike is from Butchers & Bicycles”, Karsten says and explains that it’s mainly the flexibility of the bike that makes it right for the job. 

​”It’s so easy to turn, and it slides in and out of traffic easily. And that’s really important when you ride in Copenhagen where there are so many bikes and so many of the people riding them don’t really pay attention. With the Butchers & Bicycles bike you don’t have to worry about that, you can just slide around them. But the best part about the bike is probably that we save so much time on our deliveries. Imagine being stuck in traffic with ice cream in the back of your car. That would be a nightmare!”  

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