Meet a true city dweller and calm father from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Anders Forup is one of Butchers & Bicycles’ first customers.  He is the owner of the successful jewellery shop, Handcrafted and a true city dweller. Born and raised in Copenhagen he resides in Frederiksberg, a short bike ride from his shop in Vesterbro. And the short distance from home to work isn’t a coincidence, Anders says.

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“It has always been important to me not to spend too much time commuting and being stuck in traffic. That’s why my family and I live close to where I work and why we almost never use the car that we own.

We primarily bike everywhere, and that makes having a Butchers & Bicycles cargo bike very handy”, Anders Forup explains. 

Having an easy way to transport both himself, his family and the products that he sells in his shop is essential to how he wants to live his life, Anders Forup explains.a relationship connection. This shows up in small quirks like word choices or phrases. Write from your point of view, not from someone else's experience.

“There are so many advantages to riding a cargo bike. First of all, there’s the environmental  aspect which is becoming increasingly more relevant and important."
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“The bike means a lot because I have a daughter now, but I also use it in my business. In both cases, the bike makes it easy to move through the city.

I love living in the city, but I don’t love the traffic and the fact that no matter what you do, you’ll get stuck in it at some point. 

But the bike makes getting around so much easier”, Anders Forup says and explains that it isn’t only the way it makes commuting easier, that’s making him wish more people would get themselves a cargo bike.

“The best thing about if you ask me is that it’s so much quicker to get everything done on the cargo bike business-wise."
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“There are so many advantages to riding a cargo bike. First of all, there’s the environmental aspect which is becoming increasingly more relevant and important. Then there’s  the practical aspect, the fact that it's just easier and then there’s the personal which for me is the feeling of calmness when I’m riding the bike. It’s almost meditative, and when you can combine all three things it’s kind of amazing”, he says. 

A good bike helps business.

Anders Forup’s business philosophy is built on the back of how small businesses used to run back in the day. “It’s kind of like how the small grocery stores used to be before the supermarkets came. All of the things I sell in my store, I’ve chosen or made myself and because of that, I can stand 100 percent behind them. I really like to get things done on my own, and that can be difficult when you’re a small business like we are. But having a cargo bike makes it easier to control more than we otherwise would.

We can deal with the transportation of goods and deliveries ourselves and in that way be independent of others. And that makes running a business so much easier. And as a bonus, it helps the environment that we use green energy when for transport and deliveries”, Anders Forup says.