Meet your new company car

With its lockable cargo box, the new MK 1-E 
Business is designed to help professionals securely 
store and transport their goods around the city.

Since the beginning of Butchers & Bicycles, we have
worked to define mobility for the modern city and its
people. Having taken inspiration in the everyday needs
of families, we are now extending our focus to
business owners and their employees.

Explore the features

Range: Apart from saving parking costs and time spent in traffic, the MK1 is a truly energy- efficient alternative. In fact you can reach up to 80km distance on one charge.


Durability: With its aluminium frame, stainless steel and recyclable plastic components, the MK1 is a reliable and long-lasting companion for your daily commute.


Branding: Our cargo box can be customised with different colours and stickers, giving your brand an additional communication channel and thousands of impressions each day.

Re-charge your commute

Locked and loaded

The MK1 cargo box has a loading
capacity of 220 litres, giving you plenty
of room to carry your valuables.

No compromises

The entire bike is carefully designed
and manufactured for year-round
outdoor use and storage.

97,6% less energy

Here’s a powerful fact: You reduce 97,6% in energy consumption driving your MK1 compared to an electric car.
*Source: NY Times, European Aluminium

Take climate action

The MK1-E Gen. 3 is equipped with The Help the fight against climate change and its impacts by making cargo bikes the go-to means of transportation at your company.

As a visible commitment to your ESG objectives, your company bikes will reduce your carbon footprint and promote cleaner cities.

Better commuting for all

E-cargo bikes are an inclusive transportation solution that can meet the different needs of your employees - no matter their abilities, backgrounds, or the daily missions they're on.

They also help take the pressure off of our infrastructures, allowing for a much more efficient way to get around the city.

Happy and healthy employees

Making e-cargo bikes free and accessible to your team encourages physical activity, reduces stress, and contributes to the overall health and well-being of your workforce.

Join the ride!

Don’t hesitate to reach out and
arrange a meeting, to learn more
about our company deals
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