Frequently Asked Questions

How many kids can fit in the box?

The box allows space for two kids but if you want to transport three kids you can consider getting an extra seat installed on the rear of the bike

What do I do if I need extra accessories?

Contact your local dealer and they can help you with your accessory needs! Find your local dealer here

Within two years of purchasing, you can file a warranty claim with your local dealer, and we can fix the problem. Find your local dealer here

Urge your local bike shop to become one and have them apply with us! 

Please note that: If you need servicing of the bike, you can visit all Bosch certified mechanics and they don’t have to be a B&B dealer!

Lights come as standard equipment on all Gen. 3 bikes, but can be retrofitted on the other generations if needed. 

Check out the ’find dealer’ sectionon our webshop and find one near you! Or click here.

No, all orders should be placed through your local dealer. Find your local dealer here.

Yes! Take your bike to your local dealer and let them work their magic. If you don't know where to find your dealer, click here.

Not from our Copenhagen flagship store. Some dealers might! Other dealers also offer leasing options. Find your local dealer here.

Make sure to take good care of your battery so it doesn’t loose capacity

Some Tips for maintenance :

1. Don’t leave your battery in the charger after it’s fully charged.

2. Don’t park your bike (and battery) in direct sunlight.

3. Bring your battery inside during the colder months.

The bike measures 91cm at its widest point.

78,5 cm in height from the bottom of the box.

Yes, you can! All MK1-E cargo boxes are equipped with a standard ISOFIX interface, as found in cars. This enables the installation of a child seat.

Please note:  it is not recommended to ride the cargo bike with a child less than 9 months old. Consult a pediatrician beforetransporting your child in the cargo bike. 

Max. rider weight: 100kg

Max. load in box: 100kg

The box measures 618mm in width, 976mm in length (including glovebox), and 533mm in height.

Of course, you can! The box can handle up to 100kg. 

Please note that the child seat is not intended to carry over 44kg, so if you have that installed you run the risk of breakage.

We recommend hooking the leash to the ISOFIX anchor points to reduce risk of the dog jumping out while moving. 

Yes! All Butchers & Bicycles come as e-bikes.

How much does the full cover, cover? 

The full cover covers the whole bike including wheels when using the flat cover, and leaves some of the wheel exposed when Skyview hood is in use. 

If you prefer changing the tires during winter, we recommend the Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro tires.

- BOSCH Performace Line CX Motor

- KIOX Display

- Wider rear tire

- Shortened top tube

We shortened the tube in order to increase the feeling of control for riders of all heights.

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